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"Doodling & Stuffy Workshop"

"Doodling& stuffy workshop" for little kids, preschoolers and kindergartners. Now a creative and sewing workshop dedicated to the little ones at My Little Print Fabrics Studio! My third daughter of 4,5 years old and her love for drawing inspired me this activity and I imagine this workshop especially for these young kids from 4 to 6 years old.

The principle: a fabric sheet and fabric markers to doodle on it, faux furs or pretty prints fabric that the kids can choose for the back, a little tag to personalize, stuffing to turn the drawing into real stuffy animal or pillow, and… a little heart to insert, for a touch of love and kindness. Et voilà, your kid will get his (or her) very own stuffy partner!

This workshop is really designed to spend creative and fun time with your child in a friendly environment. This activity can be realized in about one hour with a group of about 6 children. Other crafts and doodling will be proposed to keep them busy when they are less solicited. From the beginning to the end, parent presence is required to help on some steps.

Do your children love drawing and crafting? Meet us at the studio for a ”Doodling & stuffy workshop” or organize your own event with your child’s friends and their parents! This activity is perfect for a birthday party or simply as an extra activity for Sunday, school breaks and Holidays.

You will soon be informed about future “Doodling & stuffy workshop”.

Price will be the following: $25/child - 4 to 6 years old (max. Kindergarden age) with a maximum of 6 children enrolled per session.


To celebrate this new workshop, I propose a raffle to make the first one free for the lucky winners. Send me an email and on Tuesday 10th, an innocent hand will randomly select 4 winners. It will take place on Sunday 15th at 10 am at MLPF Studio.

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