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Leather Bow Bracelet

Leather + Liberty fabric, what an awesome association!

As soon as I achieved the first leather bow bracelet, I wanted to keep it for myself, and when I made a new one, I also wanted to keep it for me… I wouldn’t be bored having them in every leather color associated with different Liberty print fabrics, all prettier than the others.

I realized this kind of bracelet for the first time for Christmas Eve. Invited for this night, I originally made them for my friends but finally in double quantity, so as to be able to get my presents and keep a pair of them for me. Used to wear them very often, it looks like people around me love their look too. Nice and quickly made, I recently made again few of them with every new kind of leathers I had: brown, cognac, silver, black and burgundy. I love them all, and you? Would you like to make your owns? If yes, you will need:

- A square of leather: 3,5”/3,5” (9cm/9cm)

- 15” of Liberty fabric pipe or bias

- 1 wooden bead, 10 mm or 12 mm

- A hole maker

- A sewing machine with assorted thread with leather (or hand-stitching)

In fact, the bow is a simple rectangle of 8,3cm/3,5cm rounded on small edges and inserted in a small tube sewn with the same leather, a rectangle of about 1,5cm/4,5cm. You can sew both short edges of this rectangle together, right sides together, with or without a machine. Once it’s sewn, flip the tube over to get the right side outside and insert the bow inside and center the tube.

After, use a hole maker to create a little hole on each part of the bow and insert the fabric pipe (or bias) from the right side toward the back and in the tube so as it exits by the opposite hole.

You can add a small wooden bead to close the bracelet using a large needle to get both extremities of the string in the same bead. To better tight the bracelet around your wrist, it will probably be necessary to tie a little knot behind the bead.

Now, enjoy this new ornament for yourself!

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