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Sewing nights!

Yay! This group of ladies organized their own sewing nights at the studio and the goal was double: learning how to sew first and then, make their own leather purse, as I made my first one about one month ago. And you know what? We finished them in 2 nights, we finished late but done! Everybody was happy to leave with their new very own purse. Look at how neat they are, these new sewers can be proud of their first sewing project.

Prior the first class, the only thing I proposed to bring is half a yard of fabric for the printed front of the bag. The group of friends organized their shopping time in fabric store and brought back awesome blue print fabrics, perfect for Spring and Summer. For my part, I prepared every leather pieces: claps, attaches and straps. These bags have an inside pocket assorted to the front, a removable strap, with clap and strap made in real and good quality leather. For the profess’ touch, see the cute label “My Little Print Fabrics” on side :)

I forgot to mention the second part of my job amongst teaching and providing supplies and pattern is also the prep’ of a sweet table with drinks and food. More than a regular sewing class, the principle of the “Mom’s sewing night” is to spend a social and fun time with friends or meeting new people, around a same interest for this creative and marvelous art of sewing!

Whoever can organize their sewing night, gather your friends and choose a project, I will host you in the studio and drive one or several workshops with pleasure!

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