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AGD Workshop #2: Make a closet!

A new closet for my doll… Here is a creative crafty and sewing workshop for every doll lovers!

The first class, the students will sew the closet cover with the fabric of their choice and then, they will build and decorate the closet with trims, masking tape, and fancy stickers from MLPF Studio. For the second class, the kids will sew the hunging and removable shelf organizer in felt and they will make a serial of wooden hangers with and without clothes pins. Et voilà!

Every child will leave the workshop with a true and nice closet for their doll. Not only to play, this useful furniture will constitute the perfect place to sort and store every clothes, shoes and accessories. The doll’s wardrobe will be well organized in a tidy closet!

Does your girl wish more doll's clothes to hang in her new closet? Participate to the AGD Summer camp and make a pretty complete outfit for your doll!

Sewing & Crafty AGD Workshop #2 2 classes of 2h on Thursday June 4th and 11th from 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM for kids 7 & up’ - $65 for 2 classes of 2h - Every supplies included

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