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Last crafty workshop before Easter…

This year, except making my chocolate eggs as I’m used to do every year, I haven’t made anything for this event. This morning with Marlène, my oldest daughter, we have customized very thin cotton voile with fabric paint to turn them into little drawstring bags. We have laughed about how to call this technic with stickers and paint, and we finally decided to call it “Stick and Dye” and not “Tie and Dye”.

Then, I paint some figurines and put screw-eyes on top to create charms for bracelets and neckless. Pretty ornaments for girls and moms to slide then into the bags. Easy technics realized with gold, black, neon pink and yellow acrylic paint. Now, we have enough bracelets and neckless to distribute to friends we are meeting tomorrow :)

Happy Easter everybody, enjoy your day with your little bunnies!

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