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Remodeling the studio, indoor and outdoor...

After these first 8 months working in this space very quickly fitted out end of August to be able to start teaching in September, this room needed a little remodeling to optimize the volume and the work in group.

I finally found exactly the tables I needed since a while! Two long and narrow tables of 2 meters. I turned the old one into cutting table in the middle of the room. I won space, it looks brighter and 4 or 5 persons can easily work at once in line on these new desks. It's really more pleasant working in group all together and much easier for me!

In compensation of the big shelf I had on the big table, I hang wooden cubes on the wall. I love the look and it constitutes my little sewing library accessible to kids. You can also see the big baskets that I made with plaster gauzes and hosting my yarns, they are very pretty there. We can't really see that but I was able to keep my little collection of vintage sewing accessories and spools...

I also arranged the outdoor entrance with plants, handmade plant holders, a renovated rattan chair and a long bench to get a welcoming and comfortable waiting area. It's also a cool area with shade, perfect for making a pause and taking a snack during hot days of the summer camp.

Maybe you noticed 2 more DIY in the entrance: the waiting area sign and the giant sewing machine hung on the wall. I used chalkboard paint and animal stickers as stencils to create this chalkboard sign. The sewing machine is made with yarn (with a knitting loom) and wire string.

Voilà! And now a funny bunny as doorstop will welcome you with a big "hello!". I hope you enjoyed the visit!

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