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Zoo magnets or how to easily make customized magnets with your favorite fabric

If you want to renew and give a decorative touch to your fridge, the best magnetic board ever at home, it’s easy, fast and cheap. You can even make these magnets with your kids as a crafty family playtime this week end. The Mod Podge is so easy to clean up, it doesn’t matter if your workshop turns into messy art time, no drama in perspective ;)

Maybe you already saw the video where I was making them and I know some of you wondered how I made that, here is the tutorial. The supplies you need:

- Glass stones, small, medium or large. Whatever the size, the piece of magnetic tape will be cut proportionaly according to the size of the glass stone.

- Flexible magnetic tape with adhesive

- a pretty print fabric, here I use Zoo Stripes from Kokka

- Mod Podge

- a soft paintbrush

- Fabric scissors

- a Frixion pen

Take your fabric and choose the part you wish to see on your magnet, place it wrong side towards you, I mean right side hidden against the table. Start by tracing the shape of the stone on this location with a frixion pen, on the back of your fabric and keep the piece of fabric for later. Then, Mod podge with a soft paint bruch the flat part of the glass stone and paste your piece of fabric previously cut, right side against the glass stone. Clean the extra Mod podge on the glass stone. When it’s dry, cut a piece of magnet, as big as possible to cover the back of the stone, on the wrong side of the fabric stuck on the stone. The biggest your magnet piece is cut, the best the attraction will be!

Enjoy them immediately!!!

For my part, I already plan to make new ones with my children’s portrait printed on fabric. And you, which fabric you imagine for your magnets?

Enjoy this DIY and happy crafty time!

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