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Already five years old...

And I remember that 5 years ago minus 3 months we landed all 5 in Boston, this little baby in my arms, and we kept writing a new page of our family book: our life in the US. Our third daughter was only 3 months when we left France, she's the most American of the family. If you are French, you will notice right away her weird accent when she speaks French and you will be a bit surprized when she speaks English, so strong her American accent is, it's so funny and sooo cute !

Yesterday, we celebrated her birthday with friends and she was so happy and excited to get them all at home. The school year is almost over and every preschooler will soon start Kindergarten in different schools. I was very happy to have them altogether a last time before Summer and before everyone goes in different direction in September. Fortunately, she will meet again some of them in her future school and hopefully some of them will even be schoolmates.

For the party, I was a bit anxious because of the weather (yes, it happens sometimes also here in South California, rarely I confess) and I reduced the party to a crafty activity inside, with decorated animals with fabric stripes that I made to decorate my studio. Kids also made floral crowns as a blink to the invitation cards. I don't have many pictures of the workshop, hubby and I were too busy helping the children, but it looks like they loved these projects and appreciated also jumping in the trampoline, a lot!

Finally, hardly lighted because of the wind, Marilou blew her candles outside, surrounded by plates to protect the lights on the cake, funny! She kept her smile until the end of the party. I was also anxious about the smile, maybe it looks weird to imagine that, but my little one is extremely shy and unpredictable, specially when there is too many people around her, even if she knows them. Luckily, this day she was relax and social for the main part of the party. I'm still hoping the years will help her becoming less shy and she will be able to enjoy life as much as possible out of her comfort zone. I think she is on the good way and for the moment, she always needs more love and affection :)

Happy birthday my big girl!!!

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