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Bum Bag! Raccoon, fox and bunny again!

Here we meet again our favorite serial of critters: raccoon, bunny and fox (or maybe we could qualify this one just like kind of feline or maybe even a wolf…). It doesn’t matter if it’s difficult to determine which type of animal it refers to, the essential is that it’s so cute and funny and kids don’t resist to so much cuteness, I swear!

I had the idea to make a bum bag for a while, but after having made the coin pouches 3 weeks ago (interpreted from the pattern of “Cartables et sac à dos” d’E. Foissac), it looked easy to use the same front part for making these bum bags. I didn’t plan at all to make 3 different bags at the beginning. The first one, the raccoon, was supposed to be a display for sewing classes with children... As usual, one of my girl insisted to keep it for her, so as I had to make two other ones… It’s what happened again!

It's nice that my girls asked me to make new ones, because first, I improved the pattern, then I optimized the way to realize that with kids and 3rd, because now, I have an homogenous serial of children accessories made with the same basis of critters: traveler pillows, bibs, coins pouches, drawstring bags and I have many other ideas to explore.

Not so easy to realize a pattern doable by young sewist. This bag has a zipper on the front, the fabric is totally lined with felt inside to provide a little more structure and there is an inserted belt. Btw, I like the colored belt chosen according the fabric!

My daughters love them! Vey handy for outdoor activities, scooter rides, hiking traveling, or simply for shopping!

We should make some in the studio in September, little or big, it looks like every kid loves them :)

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