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Leather for a tote bag!

Here is my lovely bronze leather tote bag for carrying my messy stuff everywhere!

As soon as I found this bright leather and its soft texture, I kept thinking it could be turned into a bag. The next morning (yes, I didn’t resist for a while), in about 2 hours behind the machine, here is the result.

You, good apparel lovers, you have probably noticed the design and the cut of this bag which looks like the bestseller of Madewell, the famous brand. I indeed followed a tutorial to realize this model in particular, see here, but shhh, don’t say I copied the original and in addition, how easy it is to realize ;).

The tutorial is fine but I regret the simplification of the handle, made with only one layer of leather. I think it’s too thin and I will probably rectify that in the future by removing both handles on my bag and double them for more structure and robustness. Except that, it’s totally fine and I even made quickly a custom assorted iphone case. My personal touch: the tassels, in leather and neon pink yarn, as usual...

You see, it’s worth sewing this type of material, leather is awesome. It easily provides the minimalist and neat look that I love. And you, do you sew leather? For my part, I keep sewing it in order to make pretty embroidered bracelets that I will share with you soon. Keep in touch!

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