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A huge Sewing & Crafty Party out of the studio

This day, I brought my sewing machines, a giant bag of stuffing and everything we need to make awesome customized pillows with about 25 kids...

Because she's turning 9 and she’s moving soon from San Diego, this birthday party gathered all her friends around the activity she wished for spending this special time with them: sewing.

It was a huge customized pillow workshop, full of pompoms, sequins, fabric markers and inspiration : a fun project doable by everybody or adaptable to any age and with or without experience in sewing. Some of them hand stitched little ornaments on front as well as other ones used the hot glue gun only, since some kids even sewed back and front of the cushion with the machine.

As you can see, I brought 2 sewing machines, one for me of course, I was supposed to sew the most part of the 25 pillows once the children have customized the front part, and also an extra one, for experienced sewists who are able to sew by themself. I can tell you we had a large public around us, waiting for their turn, and looking at us with their eyes wide open. For this time, some parents gave a precious helpful hand to the children in the realization of customization part. Everybody realized a pretty soft and pretty pillow, a great souvenir that they proudly brought back home.

It was fun, full of positive energy and time flew by so fast! Luckily, I got a few good pictures to share and also to remember this amazing sewing and crafty party!

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