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My Little Print Fabrics Studio turns 1!

365 days ago exactly, I opened the door to public for the first time. It was also a very hot Friday like today and I was very excited but terribly anxious about the people I will meet and the future of this little place.

The week prior the Open Door, I worked hard to redo this cottage abandoned for a long time and make it as bright as it deserves. Instead of that, this year, I was too busy by registration, private lessons and prep’ of sewing birthday parties, certainly too much work for only one person.

But don’t think it was that easy, working by passion doesn’t mean no labor and sacrifice and the beginning wasn’t that great. At first, I didn’t know that advertising was over my budget so not possible to promote my job through newspapers and even strictly forbidden to distribute flyers at school as well as in mailboxes. I really felt discouraged, freshly arrived in San Diego, advertising was essential to promote a new activity.

Finally, all along the year, I met more and more nice people, more and more requests for sewing classes for kids. It turned into a full time job that I’m very happy to hold. I didn’t expect so much, I know I’m lucky to do exactly what I wish even if I’m tired every night, I want to enjoy this chance, this time I have in the US because I never know how long it will last.

I feel so grateful to people around me and first my family, hubby, the girls, my parents, supporting me every time in this project. Of course my friends, mainly the best ones who stayed with me one year ago for this scary and exciting opening day. I also feel very thankful to parents who gave me their confidence in enrolling their children, who shared their positive feedbacks and didn’t hesitate to spread my work. Thank you soooo much!!!

And happy birthday my little studio!

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