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How I enjoyed to reopen the doors of the studio….

Hi there! I quickly stopped here to mention MLPF's 1st birthday, but I have so much more to tell and show you. New sewing projects, new students and still more inspiration for the begining of this new school year. If you follow me here and there, you probably know what I'm talking about. Here are several pictures of these new little things to embellish the studio as well as new projects specially designed to realize with kids and teens. First, a new paint coat and new stickers on the door of the main entrance...

The studio is turning with a weekly basis of 20 students (for the teaching part in group), from 6 to 12 years old and no way that anyone gets bored! They are all super excited to jump in this sewing adventure with me and very curious to learn more, aware they are joining the amazing world of a creative sewing, to gather technique, inspiration and fun. Everyone loves this new couch and cute sheep blanket in faux fur, one of the new project added to long kid's sewing project list.

And in honor of kids choosing this little place to celebrate their birthday here, I introduce you a new glass door cabinet to display some goodies and cuteness for sewing addicts: tiny little sewing machine and scissor charms, sewing machine stickers, confetti, thread spool holder for candles…etc. Organizing birthday party is definitely one of the best part of my job, it’s really something I love to organize, it’s more than doing that by heart, I got that from my mom and it’s certainly genetic ;)

That’s such a wonderful job to spend time sharing a passion and meet so many people, parents and kids, with same interests… That’s why I was so happy to reopen the doors after summer break! And can't wait the temperatures cool down to make this customized shirt in sweater knit fabric in class ;)

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