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A new shirt in my wardrobe...

Three weeks ago, declaring that I didn’t have anything to wear in my almost empty closet (a recurent complaint, I confess...), much better than shopping and lose valuable time in search of a new top, I decided to use my precious fabrics and notions brought back from France to make a pretty shirt. A new top indeed, but light enough to comfortably survive outside, in these hot temperatures that we often have in September in South California.

I had a nice basic shirt from H&M with an interesting cut for a while but that I regretted to not wear it anymore because really too short. In Boston, I was used to wear it superposed on another layer to hide the belly. But for the moment, the climate is too hot here to keep this option, so I drew a new cut following the same shape to create a new pattern on custom. I increased the length and also improved the look by fine details that, by the way, complicating conception and increasing realization time, but I don’t regret at all!

You sewers, you have probably recognized that I used a Liberty Art Fabrics cotton voile for the front. To contrast with this nice design, I used a solid color cotton voile for the back but brightened by a pretty button line in the middle. At least, I had the pleasure to sew these gorgeous floral buttons coming from my sweet brother (merci encore grand frère!!!), they were part of his Christmas present last year. I reserved them for THE sewing project that they deserve.

I also love the golden touch with the bias and the piping sewn around the sleeves and collar. Two little details made with French notions that I can’t get in the US, even online!

I hope you like this new top and if yes, the good new is that I even did the pattern for kids, from 6 to 16 years old. I mean for teaching sewing to kids, of course I skipped the details as buttonholes, bias and piping. The result is very nice too, in cotton as well as in sweater knit fabric. My daughters have already adopted the prototypes and my little students are very excited to make their own shirt soon!

For my part now, I have the pattern and I can do other ones, as far as I have time to sew for myself... Happy sewing!

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