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Rhythmic sewing!

She dropped the fabrics and a little note on the cutting table, I just had to execute her wishes.

So I carefully followed her explanations to make the duffel bag she wanted to have in order to carry all her rhythmic gymnastic stuff. Actually, I allowed me to add a silver piping around each circle ;) Here it is, a few weeks after her request, at least made and functional. And so happy she was to take it for her class!!!

Luckily, I had the perfect tutorial that I downloaded one year ago when I was supposed to make a ballet dance purse and I finally didn’t use it. It is a free tutorial from France Duval Stalla but I extended the original size, mine is 10” larger. Unfortunately, I can’t see the tutorial anymore on the website for sharing but you can use this one, pretty same except it is written in English ;)

If like me, you don't do gymnastic but you perform contorsions with your sewing machine to give satisfaction to your children, I'm sure one day you will make a duffel bag too!

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