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Sewing workshop for adults: come to sew on leather!

At least the grown ups are invited to sew at the studio!

This project is super fancy and creative and at the end, you will leave with your own embroidered leather bracelets! All handmade but I should say embroidered by the machine, not handstitching. So don’t be impressed by the pictures, it’s very easy to make and I will provide you every equipment and knowledge you need to create the most beautiful bracelets.

This workshop takes place on Thursday November 12th, from 9am to 11:30am, so you can drop your kids off at school and come relax to pick some thread and leather then, go on! If you come with your little one, just let me know in advance :)

Don't wait to tell me if you want to come, everybody is welcomed but space is limited. And if you wish to organize your own at night with your friends, no problem, I will be happy to schedule another workshop just for you!

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