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Trick or stitch!

Black gauze, black voile and black crushed velvet, this year Halloween was definitely black!

Our home counted a small witch, a black cat and a terrific ripper. But trust me, lots of smiles and laughs brightened the darkness of these characters.

Every year, hubby and I are more involved in this celebration that was totally new for us 5 years ago, and I have to confess that we get more and more fun with our kids in making this day special.

And even if a haunted house easily scares my girls, it looks that they are all the perfect ages to get fun in this event. The Halloween parade at school, parties with friends and Trick or treat night, all providing so much excitement and happy times. This year again, Halloween gave us its share of good memories that will be recorded in our family book.

And because I consider that every celebration is also made to celebrate the “handmade”: sewing, decorating and cooking are always enjoyable times. In fact, I think that as long as I can hear some “wow” and “yay!” from my girls, making special things for them could be endless...

To satisfy Marlene, serious reader of Harry Potter who wanted scary and creepy food, as you can see above on the picture, we had yummy bloody sheep brains, that is apples with cranberry juice and dry ice in real made by her Grandma. And if you are wondering where I found the printable drawings to decorate the cups on the table, they are made by Merilee Liddiard and it’s here to download them.

Because my girls had a crush on my rag dolls recently made for the studio and a coming up workshop (pattern from the same author), we decided to convert them into witches with a black pointy hat and a cape to embellish our sweet and scary table ;)

Now the page is quickly turned and Thanksgiving is coming up soon!

...and remember: handmade presents are the best ones to show that we feel thankful to someone :)

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