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It's time to craft together, parents and children as well !

A Crafty Holiday Workshop, just to make the favorite handmade things that my students are begging me to teach them for such a long time: Yarn words, marble magnets and customized animal pots with succulents.

If the crafters don't keep them to embellish their room, they will be able to ravish some people with those little presents!

2 options for you parents:

  • you can attend this workshop with you child for sharing this fun and creative time and for a very affordable price of $80 for both;

  • or you can drop your child off so as you will have 2h30 for you, perfect to run errands for Holiday shopping! And then, you will pick your child up with at least 2 nice presents ready to give :) ($45/child)

And because a real packaging is required to be named a gift, of course we won’t fail to do a pretty one!

Tell me if you want to participate, it fills up very quickly!

This Crafty Holiday Workshop will take place on Dec. 5th at MLPF Studio from 9:30 am to noon.

Happy Holidays!!!

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