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Upside-down urban jungle: Sky Planter (diy)

How much I love plants! I love so much any kind of green, either inside or outside the house that I could put some everywhere. When I saw the sky planter from Boskke at my friend’s house Elisa alias Picrobulle, I wanted one for my home right away or, as usual, find a way to make one by myself. My sky planter is not as well designed as the initial brand I saw 3 years ago, but I love it anyway, perfect to break the look of a regular hanger. Yes, I love to see certain things differently, even upside down sometimes ;)

My explanations are really minimalistic but with some common sense, it works. You will see. And THE answer to the question “does water fall after watering?” is both “yes” or “no”. For an orchid, it's totally fine because watering is light and it's even better to just spray, but to be honest for other plants, yes, it's better to put a plate below when you are watering!

I hope you will love this diy and you will try it too!

As far as I am concerned, I couldn’t wait so I took the orchid I had on hands to try, but I will soon put a prettier one, as pretty as my sky planter desserves it :)

> Cut 3 x 2 feet of t-shirt yarn or cord

> pierce the hole prior to paint, with or without the cap

> put the plant into the pot (the container) and then, carefully insert stems, leaves and flower through the cap (the largest the cap hole is, the more water fall down, try to make it as small as possible considering the required size for the insertion of the plant!).

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