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Fake Glass Dome *DIY*

I love glass dome with or without pie stand and I have more and more at home. Today, as the countdown of the end of year is turning off, it’s more than time to show you this DIY, just prefect to decorate your household and tables for Holidays.

I'm happy today to share the way I found to make your own fake glass dome with a plastic bottle, in pretty small size but with endless customization possibilities.

As mom of 3, I mainly got this idea to get safe glass dome, pretty enough to decorate Holiday or birthday tables for our little hands still appealed by the treats enclosed. And me, scared to see my kids holding real and fragile glass dome, I abandoned putting candies or cookies inside just to avoid the risk of a tragedia.

Here you can see how to make plastic domes, just with these pictures and few advices. You will need:

  • A clear plastic bottle as strong as possible (from Whole Food brand is fine or any soda bottle of 2 gallons)

  • Wooden bead in big size or big “head bead”

  • Tape with glitters

  • A clear nail polish with glitters

  • A good sharpened knife

  • A hot glue gun

The first part is the most trickiest: cutting the top of the bottle in the hardest part is difficult because it must be done without putting too much pressure on the plastic to avoid any distortion.

Then, measure and draw a line with a marker (with water removable ink like an highlighter) to cut straight and carefully below. You can stick the tape prior to cutting for more guidance, or after. The wooden bead will simply be droped on top with a thin layer of hot glue.

Then, you can decorate with glittered nail polish or even write sweet words on with gold or silver sharpie marker! An option I would like to try on the next one.

I hope you will enjoy this crafty project and if you would like to know better my Holiday diy, I invite you to follow me here and there to get more crafty and sewing ideas!

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

I'm looking forward to sharing more with you next year, so already cheers to a creative 2016!

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