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Improvisational Quilting Workshop for adults =>postponed to April 4th at 7pm

Hi there!

I know you are numerous feeling like to learn how to quilt and… surprise! My friend Kari and I, we will be driving a workshop next Monday (March 21st) from 7pm to 9:30pm to teach you how to quilt.

Kari is a very talented and cheerful quilter. Quilting is her main hobby. Her gorgeous quilted plaids she brought at the studio impressed me so much. Chatting and chatting again about our commune passion for sewing, we thought it could be fun to gather our respective energy and knowledge to organize sew-cial nights and sharing this addictive activity in the relax atmosphere of MLPF Studio. And look on these pretty pieces she created just for you guys!

During this class, we will initiate you to this fun and very creative way to quilt in making an improvisational patchwork. And if you would like to make something more structured (like the fox face) no problem, we will teach you how to properly realize your own ideas.

Then, you have the choice to turn this quilt as you like: into a beautiful wall hanging, a pillow case or if you are more courageous, you can keep quilting at home and connect more blocs to realize a plaid, it’s totally up to you.

Anyway, we can meet again for an optional 2d workshop to finish up all together. The 2d class will focus on the 2d part of the quilt: how to sew the batting, the lining and the binding.

And remember, Mother’s day is coming up soon! This quilt could be a great gift! No worries, the 2d class will be held on April 25th so as you can end up on time!

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