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Blow away by Death Valley

Traveling, moving, discovering... I’m still talking about my sewing journey but rarely about my numerous family trips made in the US or out of this giant country.

Except the people who follow me here and there, you don’t really know how much all these incredible lands seen throughout our trips amaze and inspire me. Since I’m launching soon my collection of textiles designed with photos, here is a good pretext for sharing some of the beautiful pictures that feed our lives, our hearts and more personally, my passion for designing fabrics and sewing.

Here I’m talking about our memorable journey lastly made in Death Valley, it’s a late post, we have been there this winter in RV for a “true American experience”, as we love to say. Our girls were thrilled; you can imagine the excitement for traveling in a house on wheels. For us it was a mix of excitement and stress, driving and dealing with such a big truck. But it was so much fun, it’s definitely worth doing it!

Look at how big it was, comfort guaranteed! We even brought our survival kit: raclette machine (and cheese), a Molki game and telescope (and marshmallows) ^^ So after the partial move of the house to the RV we were ready for our road trip and a 3 days stay under the see level…

Fortunately, hubby is not only a good driver but also a talented photographer. He always fills our family memory book with gorgeous pictures of landscapes and handsome portraits of the kids. I feel very thankful not only for the family book but also, because without him, I wouldn’t be able to properly use the camera and make pictures of my daily workshops and images I need for my job. He taught me a lot, a precious knowledge essential to take my own pictures printable on fabrics.

Once we got the place, we rented a jeep for a full day, ideal to visit the canyons and drive on dust roads. The weather wasn’t bad but we can say that the sky gave us all the shades of grey. On the other hand, believe me, the mountains gave us all the colors of the rainbow. We visited ghost villages, abandoned mines and we set up our picnic blancket just down a gorgeous and huge cliff for a lovely family lunch.

I tried not to bother too much the girls with a class of geology at that time. Should I say with the poor memories I kept of my geography study? Understand how the earth has been made and how the landscapes were built still impressed me. It sounds essential when you are over there. For sure, Death Valley is a dream trip for geographers and geologists or any nature lover!

To end the trip, after climbing and sliding in the magical sand dunes, we left Death Valley by the opposite side of the park and we met unexpected some Joshua trees. With the snowy mountains of Sequoia park in the background, it was just amazing.

And then, once out of the Park, we felt like in the middle of nowhere: us, some telecom cables and this big flat land, the desert…Here is the last picture of this short trip and you’ll see it now on shirts and pillows.

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