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Urban Jungle Cart

I recently moved my corner of plants against this window. Here is my little “urban jungle".

It’s my cute spot of fresh air.

It’s technically totally useless and 100% decorative.

Here is the mix of handcrafted pots, couple of jars found in thrift stores and beautiful planters coming from Anthropologie.

This huge industrial wire cart was waiting a good paint coat for a while!

We got it in September by my husband’s company, in old and damaged creamy grey color. We loved right away its entire look with the big handle and wheels. But as you can imagine it was a bit embarrassing to have it in the house, as huge it is, we didn’t really know the right spot. It stayed here and there for a while and my kids enjoyed it a looot! It provided indeed very fun playtime on, the girls chauffeuring each other and carrying all their stuff on.

Now, definitely, the living room is now its place and plants can safely get good care. Succulents and orchids get the perfect light on the top shelf and we can store anything below, like handy decorative pillows and our Mölkky game.

Just a good paint coats and as expected, tadaam! the transformation happened. My older daughter and I painted it just last weekend, in our commun fav color as water green (assorted to so many other things here). We offered to the re-looked cart a bouquet of peonies to celebrate that, the minimum it deserved ;). It’s the season so more than time to enjoy these gorgeous flowers :)

I don’t know you but me, I’m always appealed by industrial furniture. Already teenager, I wish to get some lockers one day in my future house. My dream came true, I will post soon some pictures of the numerous lockers we have in the house.

Enjoy plants and home decoration!

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