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A French deep breath // my crochet summer camp

Every trip to France is like taking a deep breath of fresh air. It means summer break, vacation, travels, family time… This stop in the routine is always benefit. Since we decided to temporary quit our country for the US, we have to visit parents, siblings and relatives and going to France is like our “annual due trip”. It goes by so fast every time and we are sad when it ends. Actually, we come back happy, batteries pumped up and our heads filled of lovely memories.

We love to go there, hang out all together and go back in our countryside house in a little village we designated for being our home 12 years ago. There, we spend kind of slow life, in general starting by the farmer’s market in the morning, certain days punctuated by pretty physical works in the house or gardening and awarded later in the afternoon, by a splash in the lake.

At the end, faithful to the tradition, it’s happy hour (apéro) often followed by a diner with friends that we miss so much all year long.

Here is our daily lovely routine and everything looks perfect in appearance. But did you know I don’t have a sewing machine there? I’m gonna show you how I survived for almost 2 months… This summer, my drug was substitute by another amazing creative and addictive activity that I name crochet.

The goal was to become autonomous and able to realize about everything I want with a good pattern and a hook even far to my mom (very important detail/THE challenge). I brought all the crochets I had in my pouch, bought a book with all the basic stitches explained and “go on!”. Next to my mom, my starter has been 2 basic potholders (very far to be perfect…) and a few crocheted flowers to gain confidence with the basics.

Right after, I have been honored by a request coming from my little one who ordered a French hat. Not necessary to ask twice “ma chérie”, I jumped on this marvelous opportunity to challenge myself by respecting all her wishes (bi-colors, a bow, a little tail on top…). I followed an online tutorial and it made her super happy even if it turned too small at the end. But never mind, she loves it anyway :) Excuse BTW the pic, looks like a profile one for jail.

I got the book “Tendre Crochet” full of cute little critters and more. Here we go, not easy to squeeze the stitches as much as required to get exactly the same look as the model but I was happy anyway, just for being able to follow the directions ;)

And on my way back from London, I made these 3 egg hats for my daughters during an unexpected and very longgg delay (bi-lingual tutorial online from same author).

At the end of my stay, I got fun dying my grandma crocheted doilies that my mom gave me when I stopped by her house in Montpellier. I will never have the patience to crochet so many doilies like she did and I feel very luck for getting such an amazing present. Dipping some of them in navy blue and green-blue-turquoise dies provided a real modern and original touch.

I definitely LOVE the result. I will still wonder if my grandma would appreciate this little change though ;)

Here they are in San Diego surrounding my antic barber mirrors collection.

My last and big project has been this doll. My girls found in love for her right away. Even all necked they played with and hair dressed her.

A doll for each one is on my todo list now but for my next trip, since I crochet to kill the time in flight, train or car.

For the moment I keep this one in the studio just for display and no conflict between the girls! ...And btw, me too I want my doll after all ;)

I hoped you like my crochet journey.

I wish you all an happy back to school and happy new creative time!

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