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Spread nature on your walls!

Hi there! I just finished to covering my entryway with my very own wall paper that I designed. I’m very excited to show you the result.

My favorite combination takes place here: peacock blue + humming birds + eucalyptus

No, it’s not the wallpaper of our grandparents (don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about). You thought wallpaper was dead and you were more likely the generation of wallpaper removal? You were wrong. This is the new wave of modern wallpaper! But this one has to be applied only in small pieces in your home, not covering the whole room plus the ceiling...

Maybe some of you already recognize this little hummingbird that I’ve printed on fabric before. The company that creates fabrics from a design makes wallpapers too. It’s awesome, even genius that they have imagined and realized such a great concept. The company is called Spoonflower (if you don’t know yet). Go online and see all the fabrics and wallpaper for sale made by tons of talented designers. In a few words, it means that anybody can get this print now, on fabric or wallpaper!

See my own library by going to my profile “my little print fabrics” and to get all the designs I proposed. There is a very large variety of different types of fabrics (cotton, linen, jersey, cotton canvas...) and even organic ones.

For the wall paper there are 2 types: peel and stick that is woven (as mine here) or water activated (cheaper). I love the woven one, I have been able to put it up just on my own (hubby being absent for a long while, I admit I took the risk). And the peel-and-stick adhesive is great!

My adoration for peacock blue is not new, and I love it more and more. I’m so happy that I was able to get the exact color I wanted for this paper, from the computer to the final result in person. And once stuck on the wall, it doesn't darken the room. Instead, it enhances the brightness of the entrance, even highlighting the white elements.

I also bring you a new fabric (and also a potential wall paper) with a different shade of peacock blue. This one showcases pelicans. This pillow was made with poly crepe de chine.

When I got this fabric, I couldn’t believe how perfect it was. The quality of the details amazed me!

I hope you loved this little tour of My little print fabrics.

As you may know, I also sell woman's fashion and home decor on my Etsy shop. Everything is made with my own fabrics, by my own hands. Take a look! Holidays and the gift-giving season are fast approaching... I’ll talk about my collection for fashion in the next post :)

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