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Macramé Plant Hanger Tutorial

For those who love plants and a bit of boho style in their home, here is a simple tutorial to realize a plant hanger in macrame as I recently proposed to teach at the studio. This tutorial is more likely made for beginners and for people who would like to refresh up on their skills. And if you already know the basics knots, you'll realize your plant hanger in less than a couple of hours!



8 cords of 4.5 yards (I measure the first length of cord only and then, use it to measure the remaining seven)

2 cords of 1 yard

1 ring of about 1.5”-2” diameter (wood or metal)

1 S hook


1. Hang the ring with the hook at about 70' up to the floor (I love to use a clothing rack to hang my macramé).

2. Set the eight cords together and put them through the ring at the half. You get double number of strings with 8 cords on each side of the ring. Line them up and arrange them well in the ring.

3. With 1 yard string tie the set of 16 cords together by making a “Wrap knot”.

Wrap knot or Gathering knot: make a U and wrap the cord from the top and at the end, pull up the little tip through the loop (in the base of the U) and go inside the wrap very tightly, cut the tips.

4. Make 4 groups of 4 cords each (try to grab the near of each other). Keep on group in your hand and put the 3 other groups aside.

5. Make 6 inches of spiral knots with the first group of 4 cords.

Spiral knot (also named wave knot, twisted square knot or half square knot): Separate the group of 4 cords by keeping 2 base cords in the middle (green cords on the figure) and 2 working cords with 1 on left (purple) and 1 on right (red).

With the left cord (starter cord) go behind the base cords by making a 4 and bring the right working cord in the back (behind the 2 working cords + the left working cord) and then, keep this right working cord to put it over the base cords and into the loop made by the left working cord.

In other words: left working cord: back / right working cord: back/ right working cord: front and back (throughout the loop)

Repeat as long as you want the spiral by keeping the same starter cord all way long.

6. Now, let the strings free for 5” and then make two square knots.

Optional: Insert beads between each square knot.

Square knot (Same than wave knot but reverse the knot every other time):

Exactly like the spiral knot: separate the group of 4 cords by keeping 2 base cords in the middle (green), 1 working cord on left (red) and 1 working cord on right (purple).

Left cord behind the base cords by making a 4 / Right behind the group and then, on front and in the back (throughout the loop).

Then, do REVERSE, starter cord is right: right working cord behind the base / left cord behind / left cord on front and in the back (throughout the loop).

7. Let the string free for 5” again.

8. Make 6 inches of square knots but FIRST, prior to make the square knots, because the cords on the outside are shorter than the cords of the inside, move the working cords into the middle. They become the base cords and you can work relax with 2 long working cords.

9. Let the string free for 6” to 8”: this length defines the capacity of the pot holder (the longer - the bigger) and make two square knots BUT with two strings from one group and two strings from the adjacent group.

This is repeated for the 3 other groups, make sure that no strings cross over any strings and that only adjacent strings are knotted together.

10. Next, leave 4”-6” free again and take the 2 neighbor threads in each group and knot them together with 2 square knots.

11. To finish up, just tie all strings together in a large knot OR make a Wrap knot with a 1 yard string as you did at the beginning (just below the ring). Trim the tips as you like them!

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