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I love indoor plants but the way they are displayed is also, so important to contribute decorating our interiors.

I missed space and shelf in the house to show off some of them and I needed a nice stand to put on front of the glass door, the perfect spot for happy plants. I wasn't looking for a way to make a stand as I unexpectedly found a photo from Martha Stewart when I was googling to buy one. I didn’t hesitate a second giving up to purchase one, since I was totally in love with this type of stand: aerial, minimalist and stable.

It is a simple tomato cage found at Lowe's - $7 🙌🏻 - trimmed at the base and put upside down to insert the pot. Cut off the spiky feet with a metal saw or clipper if you have a chance to have one (not like me) as close as possible to the circle.

To speed up the process, you can trim just a little bit and then, bend the foot to break it. That's all!

Here on the label you can see the measurement of the black cage: 54" high.

The other one was the first one made 3 weeks ago. This is a different model, much smaller and found at Armstrong Nursery. I spray painted it in brown-greenish color to cover up the original hot blue metal. Their tomato cages were more expensive and all in very hot colors only (blue-red-yellow-pink).

But it's nice anyway to play with the different model and sizes and having a couple of stands displayed together with different levels and plants. You can also buy the same ones and trim them at different levels.

You will see, the most difficult in this project finally, is to find a planter that fits your stand! Mine comes from Target and I need to get another one now.

Can't wait to see your very own stands!

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