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Sew Creative - A book to sew playfully!

This is my book's release month! Sew Creative is live, I can hold it in my hands! I'm so happy to introduce you this C&T Publishing book from Fun Stitch Studio and featuring 13 sewing projects designed for kids and teens!

Thank you everyone who already ordered it!

Don't you have it? You can purchase Sew Creative on or, directly to me if you are in San Diego. By the way, I will hold a book signing at my studio on June 3d for my studio's farewell party so, if you are local, don't hesitate to stop by, everybody is welcome!

If you follow me here and there, you certainly already heard about this book and the numerous sewing projects. Inspired at first by my daughters, this is a selection of projects I adapted for kids sewing lesson. Beside "fancy" projects, you can also find "classic" garments or "basic" accessories. But, the originality of this book is definitely to have put some fun in each project, classic or not, with always a way to make it differently or customizable with a zest of fantasy.

I wanted a book that reflects my classes where we always sewed creatively. At Little Print Fabrics Studio, I enjoyed teaching a playful sewing for 4 years. I wished to infuse in this book the fantasy, the creativity and my aesthetic which were the foundations of my studio's success. Now, I'm moving back to France and closing this piece of sewing heaven but with this book, anybody can still enjoy some stuff we did there!

As you can see, this sewing book arrives just on time to end and start a new chapter of my life even if I'm not done with kids sewing. For now, I'm done teaching but certainly not being inspired by my 3 daughters and creating. My girls were very involved in this book and I'm very happy we can see them sewing and showcasing the projects.

Limited by a strict number of pages, we finally needed to cut projects and photos to fit the expected number of pages. As author and also, photographer of the book, I'm glad to share with you now through the blog some projects and pics I have in extra (and I have a ton!).

Stay tuned, free tutorial of sewing projects are coming up on the blog!

Parents, kids and pre-teens alike may love this selection of playful projects based, for most of them, on personalization with sewing techniques or art & craft supplies for fabrics. You’ll develop your sewing skills through very useful techniques and explore all the ways to personalize your sewing project by using art supplies proposed to modern sewers and crafters such as regular fabric paint and puffy, glow in the dark or chalkboard paint.

Each project is described with a step by step tutorial easy to follow and gives you the chance to create your own design. For most of the projects, various templates are provided to realize the version that matches with your personality.

I hope you will love this book and if you want to have one for free, don't forget to follow me here and there to maybe win one! I'm launching some giveaways this month!

And of course if you love Sew Creative, don't forget to rate it on and to spread the word around you!

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