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Bonus free project from Sew Creative!

As promised, me and C&T Publishing are sharing an adorable bonus project that was cut from Sew Creative and just perfect if you go on vac this summer!

Who doesn’t need a large and pretty case to carry all her toiletry stuff?

This toiletry case is water safe, and you can make it totally yours by sliding a cute note into the clear tag pocket on the front. And with a strap on one side, it is super easy to carry and hang wherever you go!

In this tutorial I also propose to create your own water safe fabric with fusible vinyl.

Reach me with your thoughts and questions, or share your finished creations with me on my Facebook page dedicated to sewing and Sew Creative book here! Enjoy!

You can download the PDF of the project HERE.

If you don't have the book yet, you can order it here.

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