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13 Projects to Make Your Own


- a C&T PUBLISHING book -


couching stitch technique_edited.jpg

I'm happy to introduce you Sew Creative, a book I wrote with Fun Stitch Studio from C&T Publishing and featuring 13 sewing projects designed for kids and teens! 


After 4 busy years running Little Print Fabrics Studio in San Diego, teaching sewing to kids and teens, this book features the favorite projects I designed with and for my students. It totally reflects my sewing classes and all the fun we got there. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 2.31.38 PM_edi

Beside "fancy" projects, you can also find "classic" garments or "basic" accessories. But, the originality of this book is definitely to have put some personalization options in each project. Classic or not, you will always find a way to make it differently or customizable with a zest of fantasy.  

I invite you to discover Sew Creative. Parents, kids and pre-teens alike may love this selection of playful projects based, for most of them, on personalization with sewing techniques or art & craft supplies for fabrics!  


You can purchase on or, directly to me if you are in France. 


Maybe you know me for my blockprinting, embroidery or needle felting workshops but, before teaching my art work here and there, my sewing machine has been the very first tool empowering me to create and make my creativity a living. I opened my sewing studio in 2013 in San Diego and until 2018, I was running sewing classes all week along with a busy teaching schedule punctuated by various crafty events.

This book arrived right on time to end and begin a new chapter of my creative life as I was closing my studio and moving back to France right after its release!


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