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NEW: Wall Paper!

Photo design on textile


Traveling along and inspired by the beauty of nature, My Little Print Fabrics are designed for women fashion and home decoration. Each picture tells a story and translates a specific ambiance in a specific place. Here, trips and poesy are closely tied to a gorgeous natural environment, the more or less vegetal or mineral it is.


The result: vibrant colors and unique joyful aesthetic. 


If “Home is where the heart is”, I definitely left some of my heart in every place of My Little Print Fabrics pictures, and no doubt you will find some of yours here too!  






Relaxed fit and out of the standards, MLPF clothes are very easy to wear and guarantee you a very nice look with any blouse, shirt or sweater! 



Bed pillow
Wall paper

Spread nature in your home! Add a fancy and modern touch to your household by throwing some of these pillows and plaids anywhere in your house!


Sewn to order, please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping.

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