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A new dress before 2015!

A new dress before 2015, it was the deal... and on my to do list since I came back from France this summer with several patterns in my suitcase. Because of the season, I finally made this dress with a thick, soft and warm tweed fabric and very pleasant to sew. For the pockets, I used Japanese floral cotton voile and I made an assorted bias to surround the edge of the collar. For the back, I was thrilled to find 9 transparent and light pink buttons that fit perfectly in my collection that my brother brought back from India.

I love the result and I was right to make this dress between Medium and Large. But for a total honest feedback I would say that arms are definitely too big and I got too much fabric in the back. I love this model and I’m pretty sure this trouble comes from the thickness of the material.

As they advise, it requires about 6 hours, even less for me, I needed about 5 hours, but I won time thanks to all the commodities I have in the studio and with a serger. If I do it again, I will reduce the size of the arms and I will sew up to the top of the belt in the back instead of putting 2 buttons, because I don’t like the opening between them when the fabric folds at this level...

Except these small details, I love this French Pattern dress “Mon petit bazar” of M comme Marie, easy to do, the pattern is very well explained. It’s a comfortable outfit and easy to wear every day :)

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